Atlantic Rancher Wool Cap - Gray

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Over the river and through the woods.

This cap is the one to have on your head when it’s cold, the weather is for trash and you’re overdue at Grandma’s house…’cuz when you arrive you’ll have kept your head from makin’ ice and that will make you and your Grandma very happy indeed! If you insist on wearing this cap backwards, please, save that for the way home and spare yourself and your Grandma the no-win fashion debate that’s sure to ensue.

Details. Our AR Woo Cap is crafted from 80% Melton wool / 20% nylon fabric, is lined with cotton twill and sports an adjustable genuine leather backstrap with brass hardware.

One size fits most.

Customer Reviews

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William Reedy (Barrington, US)
wool cap

Wow, what a great hat, very happy with my purchase! The quality is A-1

Paul Erickson (Ann Arbor, US)
Nice cap, but bizarre shape

I really wanted to like this cap. The wool flannel is substantial, and the gray is especially nice. But the cap is such a strange shape that I'll probably wind up just giving it away, as I can't wear it as-is. The brim is both totally flat and very stiff. It also curves back quite suddenly at each end, with the result that the sides of the brim stick out past the sides of my head and are impossible to re-shape. The overall size of the cap is also very small--there's not enough room on the leather strap to try to adjust the fit. If you have the precise shape of head that's right for this cap, you'll love it. Otherwise, avoid.

Wears As It's Advertised

The description of this cap on the website is 100% accurate. I haven't had this long, but this cap is definitely going to be the one moving forward that I have on my head when it’s cold and the weather is trash. Came in handy this past April as we were coming out of mud season in the Mid-Atlantic and we had some unseasonably cool temperatures. I had no interest in rocking my snow hat - or a toboggan as they call them around here - but this definitely did the job. I look forward to using it continually during the fall and winter. If you need a hat for the bad weather seasons in a four season climate, you won't be disappointed in this purhcase.