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AR Wool Fleece Vest

Dead Reckoning

It’s an off-shoreman’s sixth sense…the intrinsic ability to get back from where he’s been without the use of navigational instruments. You can pick up the basics from a how-to book, but it’s out there that you do the learning, a hundred miles or more, where one long-liner’s marker looks just like the next.

With the sea of fleece products in the market today, a bit of dead reckoning would come in handy. At first glance, fleece looks mostly alike. The simple fact is, not all fleece is the same. And if you’re committed like we are to unique, functionally superior products, you’ve got to start out right. The fleece we use in many of our products is called Technopile made primarily from wool. 66%, real, natural wool - the stuff that keeps sheep warm by night, cool by day and always dry. Sounds easy? Just getting the fleece is a challenge since only a limited amount is produced each year and by only one source, Italian of course. We reinforce our Wool Fleece Vest throughout with DryHandle, our exclusive 100% cotton, water-resistant fabric.

Look around, use a little dead reckoning and let us know which other company offers this combination of functional fabrics…could be we’re missing something.

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