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AR Convertible Hunting Jacket

Quai? (Unlimited)

Quail Unlimited. That’s the passion, dedication and founding idea behind  this prestigious non-profit organization headquartered in Edgefield, South Carolina, known simply as Quail Unlimited. When the boys at QU came to us about a DryHandle hunting  coat for their annual Celebrity Event, we were tickled...for about two minutes and then we started to feel real bad. 

What they wanted seemed simplat at first: “make us your best model usin’ that weatherproof, thornproof and stain resistant DryHandle stuff” know how easy things sound when explained in that sweet southern drawl. Turns out they didn’t want our standard model, noooooo, they wanted one that they could wear to dinner after the day’s hunting event and look real smart. Seems they got hold of our first catalog and became keen on our Convertible Trench Coat which sports a zip-off bottom.

Hey...why can’t y’all do that for us? 

No problem fellas. Introducing the AR Convertible Hunting Jacket (that you can wear to dinner). Roomy throughout the body and sleeves. Fully lined with 100% cotton poplin, quilted over lightweight insulation...just right for layering and ideal for a variety of outdoor occasions and terrain. Yes, especially quail hunting. Two boxy front pockets make gloves, dog leads and Snickers Bars easy to get at.  Both have side-entry hand warmer compartments behind. Over the right side pocket, we’ve added a scooped, top-entry compartment for easy access to shotgun shells and sunflower seeds. Shell pockets on both sides hold 5 cartridges in individual, elasticised holders. All pockes have ample weather flaps that close with solid brass snaps. Corduroy trim on the collar, sleeve cuffs and inside the the full-lenght weather flap. All seams are double-rolled, then reinforced with two rows to top stitching. Game bag detaches with a zipper which is concealed when the game bag is detached. Clever, huh.

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