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AR Leather Flight Jacket

Taking the call

It’s liable to come any time, day or night. It could be a crispy, sunshiny morning or middle of the night, right smack in the hell of a three-day 'nor'easter. No tellin. But when that 300 ft. container ship clears the mouth of the Chesapeake, maritime law requires a local harbor pilot to be in the wheelhouse before it can make its way through Hampton Roads and up to the commercial pier.

And ready they’ve got to be. Not much time for transferring all the essentials, like paperwork, hand-held VHF, captain’s licenses and identification from one jacket to the other. It’s all got to be right and in one place. That’s life as a harbor pilot. And it’s no wonder a good many of them prefer a lightweight jacket they can wear most of the year, and customize it on occasion with just enough warmth underneath to fit the weather.

This is the life that inspires our Harbor Pilots Jacket. Cut full and broad in the chest and sleeves from our exclusive DryHandle, 100% cotton water-resistant fabric. The waist is elasticized at back to maintain a crisp and proper look in front. (some of these guys clip on a tie before going aboard). Two large cargo pockets where one could store a briefcase’s worth of essentials (for some that may mean extra golf balls, tees, and gloves.) Zipper front with a full-length weather flap that buttons over. An ample collar and adjustable cuffs with button closures. Inside, zippered chest pocket, back, and sides are quarter lined.

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