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DryHandle Reversible Vest

In The Eye Of The Storm.

It’s a wonderfully placid yet ominous space…a meteorological wonder where the funnel of counter-rotating masses of wind seems to suspend all matter and time. The euphoria is short lived as the eye passes over physical spaces creating a false sense of reprieve…and hope that the worst is over. The senses are soon betrayed, as she comes on again, wildly and often more fierce than the front edge itself.

Up and down the whole of the Atlantic coast, it’s hurricane season: that in betwixt part of the year when fall gives into winter, the nip is definitely on, and raking leaves and hanging storm windows start to interfere with gettin’ the decoys strung and painted. Our DryHandle Reversible Vest, we think, is an essential component for this “transition weather” and just right for dressing in layers. Cut broadly enough to accommodate bulky sweaters, chamois shirts and the like. Our exclusive DryHandle, 100% cotton, weatherproof fabric outer shell is an excellent barrier from both the wind and the wet of early morning mist. The two large hand-warmer pockets are fleece lined and together with the fleece line collar, keep those critical extremities satisfied. The soft fleece inner face is backed with lightweight poly-fill insulation and quilted. During the calm of the “eye” you may choose to wear it reversed, with the fleece face out so the black nap of the fleece can inhale that brief sliver of sun to warm your soul. Hurry, enjoy this moment, the “eye” is almost through…the second half is about to begin. Dry-clean. Imported.

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