Chamois Shirt

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The Prince of Tides

On good days and bad, on starry nights and on ones that ain’t so much, the tide comes on. When a full moon conspires with a nor’ east blow…now that’s a Prince of a tide…comes so high it’ll float your garvey right down Bay Avenue and anything else that’s not strapped down. No matter what, it’s only got about six hours to do it’s thing, start to finish. Then, sure as the tide itself, it starts back out again. Few things I know of that you can trust like the tide.”

Uncle Jack Sheimreif, Beach Haven, New Jersey.

We’re with Uncle Jack…things in life that you can count on with as much conviction as the tide are few and far between. And when you run across something that gains your trust and confidence that’s what you want to hold onto.

The Atlantic Rancher chamois shirt, we think, qualifies. It’s tightly woven, 100% cotton fabric is the key. Baby-soft to the touch and a smooth “nap” surface that tracks like suede when brushed. So tightly woven and so hardy that the commodity store standby chamois verges on cheesecloth by comparison. Wide-cut, with double box pleats in back to gather the fit and provide extra comfort and range of movement. The collar lays flat and civilized or stands tall and protects the back of your neck when the wind guns down the channel. Two generous bellows chest pockets, with button flaps. Plenty-long shirttail.