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AR Reversible Car Coat

Englishmen in New York.

They’re not so easily recognized in New York, on account of the transformation they undergo while crossing “the pond” is complete by the time they near JFK. Oh, and ever so pleasant it is for us as it is for them. The stiff upper lip is relaxed, the protruding jaw recedes, the “tally-ho”, pip-pips” are replaced by “hey mans” and they forget all about their national obsession for olive-drab everything and let out their whimsy.

Welcome to America, boys, home of the free and the brave (and the fashion unencumbered). DryHandle, our exclusive 100% cotton water-resistant fabric debuts in a new color which we call Mustard and the Brits call Grey Poupon. Full front button closure and two front pockets with weather flaps ‘cause that’s the way we like them. That’s one side. The other side is the side they wear out on the way home to ensure a smooth re-entry. Melton wool flannel, shade olive, of course, quilted over lightweight insulation. Patch pockets, just like they like them with that sophisticated brown corduroy trim. Either way, the full cut leaves you plenty of wiggle room in the body and sleeves…certainly enough hem to cover suitings from Savile Row.

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