Bayman's Flannel Shirt - Red / Black Plaid

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Bayman's Flannel Shirt

This is the shirt Pop-Pop loved!

“Most knew him as ‘Piney’. We called him that ‘cause he grew up in Lumberton, right there on the edge of the Pine Barrens. His first real job was driving a school bus. He got awful smart driving that bus, he did, ‘cause by the time he went on, he’d built the largest law firm in southern Jersey. Wintertime, he’d spend at Diz’s shack on them broadbills or over at Forty-acre Pond sittin’ for black ducks. Summertime, he’d leave Mt. Holly by four o’clock. By quarter past five, he’d be in his boat headin’ down the bay… half-dressed and shirttail a flappin’… loved fishing that whitewater, he did. No matter what, he usually had his twin grandsons ‘long side…they called him Pop-Pop”

- Harold T. “Piney” Parker as recalled by “Uncle Jack” Scheimreif, Beach Haven, NJ.


  • 5.3 oz mid-weight, 100%, yarn-dyed Portuguese cotton
  • Brushed finish exterior face
  • Corozo buttons
  • Center back box pleat
  • Bar stitch reinforcement at key stress points
  • Point collar, meticulously contoured from neck-back to shirt front
  • Collar stays…let you go from the bay to the boardroom in one smooth move
  • Double needle construction throughout
  • Signature shirttail flap button
  • Two button, adjustable sleeve cuff closure
  • Button flap front pocket closure
  • Just-right shirttails…wear tucked or untucked
  • Made in Portugal
  • Machine wash or dry-clean


Limited Availability:

The Bayman’s Flannel Shirt is a mainstay of our shirt program. However, colors featured here are part of our small batch production run. Quantities are limited to available fabric and will not be restocked.

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Justin Speer (Tualatin, US)
Gender: Male
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Softest Flannel Shirt Ever!

What initially caught my attention after receiving the Bayman's Flannel Shirt is just how soft it is. This is definitely the softest flannel shirt I've ever worn- and I have a lot of flannel shirts. At 5.3 oz's, it's definitely in the midweight category and is hard to really compare to the other thicker flannel shirts I own such as the Filson Alaskan Guide shirts. However, there's definitely a role for the Bayman's flannel shirt- in my case it's hiking. I recently wore this shirt on a hike on the Oregon Coast and it did its job perfectly. I didn't get too cold and didn't get too warm. With how soft the material is, you'll want to keep wearing it and wearing it. I am definitely looking forward to getting another color/pattern in the future.

Robert Annabel (Southold, US)
Gender: Male
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