Bayman’s Wool Pant

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

“Those tax boys come down here and have you scratchin’ your head when it don’t itch.”

The Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay. by John Hurt Whitehead III.

Ehmmm! No comment…except to say these wool pants won’t itch. Itch?…that’s the last thing you need when the ducks are so close the sound of the wind passin’ over their wings is galvanizing. Nope, these pants start with a finely spun, 100% virgin wool yarn. After weaving, the fabric is brushed to create a soft surface texture with an abundant lofty feel. But don’t let this soft, mushy talk get you thinkin’ these are wimpy. They’re built for cold days on the bay, walkin’ the marsh…okay, shoveling the driveway, too. Fully lined seat and legs…front and back, right down to below the knees. Fully constructed waistband with adjustable seat and waist with a full 2-1/2” let-out. And speaking of letting out, our unique Comfort-gripä waistband will keep your shirttail from floppin’ around all over the place. Modest-sized, single pleats add just enough room in the front. Side pockets are raked forward from the side seam up to the waistband. Two back pockets with button-through flaps. And, my personal favorite…the side-leg utility pocket…just 2-1/2” wide, 4 or so inches deep… inset subtlety on the right thigh, just off the side seam. Just right for that wind instrument to the left on this page.

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