Bayman's Wool Shirt

This is the shirt Pop-Pop loved.

"Most knew him as Piney. We called him that 'cause he grew up in Lumberton, NJ, right there on the edge of the Pine Barrens. His first real job was driving a school bus. He got awful smart driving that bus, he did, 'cause by the time he went on, he'd built the largest law firm in Southern Jersey." "Wintertime, he'd spend at Diz's shack on them broadbills or over at Forty-acre Pond sittin' for black ducks. Summertime, he'd leave Mt. Holly by four o'clock. By quarter past five, he'd be in his boat headin' down the bay...half-dressed and shirttail a flyin'...loved fishing that whitewater, he did. No matter what, he usually had his twin grandsons 'long side...they called him Pop-Pop."
--Harold T. "Piney" Parker as recalled by Jack Scheimreif, Beach Haven, NJ.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

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