BBQ Turner

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The humble Kitchen / BBQ companion

Most just won’t appreciate the short handle. Some will think the blade is too wide. Still others just won’t know what to make of this unconventional looking wiz-bang of a tool designed for use in and around kitchens and BBQs.

If you’ve ever sat at the counter in a circa 1950’s roadside diner, where the short-order cook working the grill with his back to you is also your greeter and server…you’ve probably seen one of these in action. It is the one tool that, if gone missing, can shut down the grill in a hurry. But it’s not only used in its obvious capacity to flip the burgers…it also scrambles the eggs, turns the bacon, chops peppers and onions, keeps the taters from burning and escorts it all to the plate. And when that is all done, it’s used to scrape clean the grill and make ready for the next set of orders. So there you have it. And how do I know so much about this little gem, you might ask? Well, at 14 yrs. old, (already 6’-1” and lying about my age to get work) I was that guy in the diner, welcoming guests, taking orders and flipping meals on the grill.


  • Stainless steel with precision finished sharp edge
  • Beechwood handle (not suitable for dishwasher use)
  • Solid brass rivets
  • 14yr. old short-order cook with 50yrs. of experience available for private parties, cookouts, etc.