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Cotton Fisherman’s Sweater

"Sometimes it was the only way to establish an identity on a man when things didn't go right. Your sweater was part of your gear — you didn't borrow it out."

There was a time when the details on an Irish fisherman's sweater was the equivalent of his "dog tags." Each man's was a unique design, a family crest of sorts, intricately and affectionately woven at home, by hand of course. Same here.

These sweaters are hand-knit, by individuals at home, from heavy, girthy yarn, each as natural as it gets. Undyed cotton, combed a little, very soft. A hint of the earth that bore it creates the neutral shade. The neck establishes character. Substantial, functional, versatile. This sweater is made with the care, intricacy, and detail of those that came along before it...don't borrow this out. (We've made some in size small so you won't have to.)

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