Crew Neck Sweater

Uncommon Stock

The crew neck sweater is an all-time, marine-inspired classic. Its styling is centuries-old…one you wear with ease and nothing you have to think twice about. Nonetheless, this is an extraordinary exercise in knitting. The knit pattern is a descendent of the hand-tied, nylon cord bait bag used in lobster traps. Nylon’s a bit harsh for sweaters, and since we’re trappin’ warmth, not lobsters, we chose a friendlier combination…50% wool for warmth and the balance is cotton for softness and easy care. No need to get more complicated than this. As far as stocks go, there’s plenty of the common stuff to be had…on Wall Street as well as on main street. For ourselves, we’d just as soon have some uncommon stock.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

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