Elkskin Grippers - Unlined

Elkskin Grippers.

My first experience with elkskin came 40 miles out in Gulfstream in the cockpit of the “French Leave”, owned by the legendary sport fisherman, Joe Lang. Young, anxious and very green, I stupidly tried to wire a white marlin…barehanded. In the middle of a thundering and long string of expletives, an elkskin chamois came flying over my shoulder which I grabbed and quickly wrapped around my hand to secure a grip on the wire. Needless to say, that day I learned the value of buckskin.

Our Elkskin Gripper Gloves are made near Seattle, Wa., by a family operation that’s been at it for over 100 years. You’re not going to find people like this around every corner...their unwavering dedication to their craft shows up in every stitch.  They make our Elkskin Grippers from genuine, full-grain elkskin. It’s an in-seam construction on a wing thumb pattern that features a long welt around the thumb for added thread protection and also has a welted finger base for the same purpose. The adjustable strap on back ensures a secure fit below the wrist. Eternally supple and water-resistant...clench your hand and feel the perfect "second skin" fit.

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