Limited Edition DryHandle® Camper Hat

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DryHandle® camper hat

Excerpt from our original 1995 catalog:

In a pinch, these hats could bail water.

More or less worked for Richard Diamond, fly fisherman, conservationist and former Regional President of the Federation of Fly Fishers. Had his dog upon a trail one fur piece from anywhere. The dog got thirsty. Richard had water but nothing to pour it into. Don't you know he flipped that DryHandle cap right over and filled her up… both man and dog survived. Richard's our hero.


  • 1995 vintage Dry Handle, 100% cotton weatherproof fabric
  • Tobacco color
  • Limited Edition of 50, each cap numbered in sequence of order
  • Adjustable leather strap
  • One size fits most

Customer Reviews

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Dan Brown (Minneapolis, US)
No better hat out there...FULL STOP!

I have to admit that the moment after I ordered this hat, I was a bit worried. And a bit skeptical. I remained skeptical from the time I ordered it until the day it arrived. Then I opened the package, read the nice thank you note inside and had a look at the hat. Well, from the moment I saw it, felt it, and tried it on, I immediately knew this would be my favorite hat for years to come.
It is pretty tough for a hat to impress me, but this one absolutely does. The DryHandle fabric is substantial and tough, and the five-panel construction allows the hat to form to your head. It is hard to put into words how nifty this particular hat truly is. All I can recommend is that you pull the trigger on one.
There are 'caps' and there are 'hats.' I have a lot of ball caps, and this is no ball cap. It feels like it will prove to be essential gear on countless fishing trips. I'll be swinging for steelhead in WA's Olympic Peninsula next month and my Camper Hat is definitely coming with me. Just for the heck of it, I placed my hat in the kitchen sink and poured water over it. It was a thing of beauty - the water beaded up and ran off that sucker faster than Usain Bolt. Spending two weeks next month fishing in the middle of a rainforest, I have zero doubt it will rain. Probably a lot. I have little doubt this hat will do its job for me.
Oh, and as an added bonus? It is about the coolest-looking hat you can imagine. Photos don’t do it justice. And I can't guarantee you'll look as cool as I do wearing yours. LOL!
I strongly suggest you stop reading this drivel and buy one!

Tim Sherman

Hats are an important part of my gear. I spend a lot of time outdoors in all sorts of weather. I live in Michigan. This hat is top notch. This is not your typical "baseball cap" this is a workhorse with a bill attached, designed and crafted to take years of wear. Thank you Atlantic Rancher.

THE best hat I have ever owned

This hat is just perfect to me. The color, the material, the fit...I just love it. I wear it everyday.

Best lake hat!

Use it for paddle boarding, boating, just hanging on the dock. Great fit and love the color. Thank you Atlantic Rancher.

Eric Lemke
Honestly, the best hat I've ever owned

Let me start off by saying I wear a LOT of hats. I don't mean that in the sense that I have a lot going on in my life and play different rolls, I just physically own a lot of hats. This hat though, this hat has taken the coveted position of Favorite Hat. It's durable enough to bail water out of the bottom of a slowly sinking fishing boat (done that), while also stylish enough to wear to a wedding (some of you, like my wife, might say that wearing a hat to a wedding is in bad taste, well I say mind your own damn business!). The five-panel design has a classic look that contours my dome well and the infinite-adjust strap in back means I can fit the hat perfectly depending on how bad my hangover headache is. All joking aside, this is by far the best hat I've ever owned and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for a new lid. 10/10.

Dang really put it through the test!