Longliner Boot

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Ain’t No Walmart Out Here!

Working a longliner is one of the roughest jobs left in the marine fisheries industry. One of the most dangerous too. When you’re out on a two-week haul, a thousand, maybe more miles from port and your knee-highs split a seam, you can’t just run to the nearest Walmart on your lunch hour and pick up a new pair. And since rubber work boots ain’t the kind of things you usually pack two of…a fella would be in a real pickle. That’s why you’ll find more LaCrosse knee-high rubber boots on the bottom half of fishermen worldwide than any other brand. Each one is handmade, one pair at a time, in one of the last remaining vulcanized footwear factories in America. 100% hand-laid rubber, rolled and trimmed for a custom fit and completely waterproof right to the signature yellow band that marks this uniquely American product…which, by the way, you won’t find at your local Walmart store.

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