Officer's Jacket

On Saturday nights, they wore their functional best to the officers' club...inspired by the optimism of youth and the lure of reprieve...mandated by personal character and the military code of perpetual readiness. We think it was a jacket like this that allowed the "eat nails for breakfast--bleed brass for lunch" bunch to mellow, if only slightly and if only for a sliver of an evening's time.

This rendition of functional elegance is cut from Ambien (circle R) fabric, an extraordinarily soft and waterproof material, made from finely spun, long-staple cotton. It must be dyed before it's woven because the thread is so tightly packed, it will not absorb dye afterward. Drapes like the finest gabardine. Parts wind-driven rain and snow like a raft of black ducks comin' in. Two big, pleated-front cargo pockets that close with double snaps conceal handwarmer pockets. Underarm gussets with mesh vents. Zip-front closure with nickel-plated, solid brass snaps.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

Collections: Outerwear

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