Seaport Spyce Soap

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Odiferous Transformation

We all love the aroma that attaches us after a full day clamin’ the bay, trolling the Gulf Stream or, of course, gunnin’ ducks in the saltmarsh. Well, fine and dandy for us! But those that greet us upon our return it’s a whole different story…as that sweet aromatic reminder of a day well lived converts into a malodorous scent that precedes us as we prance our way through the mudroom and into the house. We’re usually met with a well-deserved, nonnegotiable command to get in the shower. And right-nice you’ll be smelling if your soap of choice is a bar of our Seaport Spyce Soap. Not recommended for everyday use…just for when you want be graciously welcomed back to humanity.  


  • 1 x 2 x 3.25 inches
  • Turns you into a charming fellow
  • Will be borrowed regularly, without permission

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