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On Coast Guard

It’s a well-known fact: no matter what the weather is on-shore, it can be a good 20 degrees colder just a half-mile off-shore. And no one knows this better than Coast Guard boys (and girls). From the Gulf of Maine right down through the Straits of Florida it’s all the same…when that Nor’east wind comes up against the tide there can be Hell to pay. It would be different if you had the choice, but when the call comes in, they just go.

These are the times when a garment earns its keep. Hold one in your hand and you just know it’s unusual, rugged and can go the distance. Heavy because the high-density, 50% wool-50% acrylic double-knit construction consumes about twice as much yarn as an ordinary sweater, yet they’re low on bulk so they pack lighter than most. They wear nice over a shirt or an undergarment and hang right and close to the body. We use our exclusive DryHandle, 100% cotton water-resistant fabric to reinforce key areas like the elbows, some have it at the shoulders and all have it as friction patches at the side seam hem where they’re likely to rub against the waistband of your pants when the sweater’s tucked in.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

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