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Shearling Wharf Coat

Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night.

 This coat bows at the intersection of nature’s original all-weather, all-terrain material, Merino lambskin and the extraordinary hand craftsmanship of one Canadian master tailor. As with all of our products, we believe that starting with the best available materials, irrespective of price, is the only way to arrive at truly functional and superior products. We will go to the ends of the earth to ensure this promise is met…and nearly we did to find this superb Merino lambskin, tanned with a process developed in Uruguay and passed down over three generations. Contrary to common belief, lambskin is a very tough, enduring and lightweight leather which, when properly tanned in small batches, results in a maintenance-free, weather-resistant product. Its warmth is legendary. Our master tailor puts it all together with the care and precision of a surgeon. The inside of our Shearling Wharf Coat is, of course, completely natural curly fleece, a trademark of properly sheared Merino lambskin. The exterior of the coat shows the flesh side of the skin which is plated to lay down the natural nap of the hide and increase its durability. All of the seams are reinforced at stress points with double stitching. A tall, broad collar…extra-large patch pockets and sleeves just long enough for a one-inch roll.

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