Suede Overshirt

Hairy side out.

At first, you might think oddly of a suede leather shirt especially one with the rough side out. That’s OK…it took wooden boat builders a good long time to appreciate the value of composites.

Suede leather earned its right to be a long time ago…it's strong and durable and likes life in a salt air environment. Along the way, it’s become standard issue on most blue-water sport fishing boats and is still widely used on block and tackle to protect teak decks and human foreheads from those nasty dings. With all the high-tech materials available today, suede leather (hairy side out) is an innovation that has never been surpassed.

Same here. The AR Suede Leather Shirt feels like butter and wears like Old Ironsides. Rugged…ignores scrapes and scratches. Heavy-duty, double-needle stitching throughout. Personality, character…lots of both. Couple of chest pockets with button flaps. Fits generously. Won't brittle when wet. Just as comfortable as it is durable.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

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