Women's Waterproof Wool Wharf Coat

“Never saw the East Coast till I moved the west…”

Is this his coat that she wears? What memories does it hold? Is it his reassuring embrace she feels? A lingering essence stops her. She stands, still as piling against a rushing tide, in the center of a crowded Chicago street galvanized in thought….Her mind is instantly transported a thousand miles and more East. There, at the end of seven bridges road, her searching eyes are focused on a point across Great Bay. And who is he?…a father, a brother, a friend, a lover?

Whoa there…you’d think we were writin’ a love story! Well, to a degree we are, ‘cause these are just some of the thoughts and wonderings that came our way as we contemplated the design for this contemporary edition of the traditional Pea Coat. This is not a garment you need…it’s something you’ll want and desire. Like a ready and dependable companion, it’s right a variety of occasions. Warn, yet very lightweight and unlined. Made from genuine 17oz. Tiroler Loden, waterproof wool. The luxuriously soft fabric together with the unstructured shoulder and double-needle stitched seams creates a delicate, very relaxed drape. The two front pockets, and broad, rounded-point collar add to its casual look. Imported. Dry clean.

Wear this coat and reminisce. Love stories? Yeah, we like love stories. We try to sneak a little romance is all that we do.

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

Collections: Outerwear

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