Wool Fleece Bomber Jacket

“Plastic bottles? Oh Lordy yes we use ‘em...take every empty the house produces to mark my eel traps!” I — Uncle Jack Scheimreif

Now don't get us backwards, we recycle around here. However, for our clothes we prefer natural stuff. Leave it to the Italians, again, to play the game with uncommon flair. For us, they’ve created a unique fleece fabric with all the functional characteristics of natural wool and the feel of cashmere. All but the sleeves are covered with our 466 weatherproof DryHandle fabric to give it a rugged outer skin and to accomodate a legion of pockets. The modified shirtail back gives it s a loose, casual fit at the waist. We know this will become on the most often borrowed items in your closet. Won’t say by whom, just beware. 

Dangit!...I really like this idea. Let me know when it's available again:

Collections: Fleece, Outerwear

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