The knitted equivalent of steaming hot chowder

Maine Lobstermen's Sweater




-- 100% pure Merino wool, 2-ply, 3-gauge yarn

-- Genuine Donegal yarn, spun in Donegal, Ireland

-- Body is 1x1 Jersey stitch, chest and shoulder back is a rice stitch pattern

-- Fully fashioned transfer stitching around neck, chest, and shoulder back panels

-- Traditional roll neck

-- Each sweater weighs an average of 2.4lbs

-- 30th Anniversary Edition, each sweater is marked with unique serial number identifier

-- Built in Portugal


I met Pete Fadden in the winter of 1995.

A 2-day nor’easter had just left us 2’ of snow. I was in the AR office, 89 Front Street, overlooking Marblehead Harbor, when a loud scraping sound broke the silence. Out the window below was a guy shoveling the roof of the pilot house on his lobster boat.

“That 2’ of snow is going to be 4” of solid ice by sundown can’t have that. We’re heading off, pulling gear tomorrow.”

And that’s all he said.

Little did he know I was working on a new, heavyweight sweater, meant for environments like this. The Lobstermen's Sweater became one of our best sellers, I think due to its simplicity and its tightly knit, Merino wool genuine Donegal yarn.

It's been nearly 30 years since I met Pete. I am delighted we've connected again and to have him join us in the reintroduction of this beast of a sweater.

Extraordinary for its simplicity, comfort and durability,
our Maine Lobsterman’s Sweater is more like a piece of outwear than it is a sweater. Either way, it becomes part of your life not just your wardrobe. Weighing roughly 2 ½ lbs, this beast of a sweater is knit using two-ply, 100% pure Merino
wool yarn spun in Donegal, Ireland, from native sheep. The 1x1 jersey stitch is knit with heavy tension applied as are the cuff and hem.  

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Customer Reviews

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Mike B (Portland, US)
Comments: Absolutely amazing sweater - perfect for Maine

If you're here looking at this sweater, stop debating. I live in Maine and although I'm not a lobsterman, I'm outside quite often. I needed something substantial enough to withstand winter temps that doesn't weigh 90lbs. This sweater is that and more. Super warm, rugged but looks great with everything. The most impressive thing to me, though, and what made me want to review it, is actually how it performs indoors as well. I have never owned a sweater that I can wear outside in 30 degree weather, come in, and not get TOO HOT. Talk about thermal regulation! Whatever sorcery they wove into this makes it worth 3 times the price. Don't hesitate. Get the sweater.

DD., N.S.N.U. (Brewster, US)
Comments: Atlantic Rancher is a great company. All products are top quality. Top customer service and a personal touch by Victoria and Engle make Atlantic Rancher a great, great company.
Just a Great Sweater

Love this sweater. When I saw it was made with Irish wool I had have it. It is so well made. Rugged, warm and vrry comfortable. Fits great over a long sleeve tee. Another top quality item from Atlantic Rancher. Just go ahead and order it before they are gone. You don't want to be the only one without one.

Grant (Durham, US)
A Sweater for a Lifetime

I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the work y'all are doing. I received my lobstermen's sweater and all I can say is that years (decades?) from now it will remain one of my favorite sweaters. I wasn't sure what to expect when I originally purchased it, but I was hoping it would live up to its description as a 'beast of a sweater' - and that it did. This sweater packs in some heat! I'm a born & bred North Carolinian so our weather remains rather temperate, but our first 20-something evening came and so did this sweater. Most importantly, the handwritten note accompanying the piece...*chef's kiss* I know it is and will remain hard to continue doing that small business gesture, BUT please know how substantial and transcendent that small act has on the lifelong ownership of a piece of clothing. You have my sincere thanks and best wishes as we head into the new year. Cheers!

B.K. (Cheshire, US)
Comments: Great designs. Very high quality. You rank up there with Filson (a good thing). Make more sweaters, I'll buy them.
Perfect, don't get it, I want the only one

I see you, eyeing this. Don't do it. I want the only one. I'm a bit of a sweater guy -- I hike outside in the ice and snow, love the feel of the winter air via wool without any synthetic bs in the way. I own too many sweaters, from that company in Seattle and another in Canada via Nepal and that other in Maine, and a few dozen from hiking trips to Iceland. From Iceland, I have sweaters practically made by elves. And this Atlantic Rancher one is the best. It's not over-engineered, or oddly shaped, or overly designed. The merino wool does magic against the cold and wet. The knitting is tight but loose enough it doesn't seem extracted from a mass-market machine. Someone human did something here. A size large fits an athletic frame 5'10' and 195 pounds. It's as if your grandmother had an affair with Hemingway and decided to knit an ode to their union on a fishing boat. The sweater's design is a bit subtle, but those who know will notice this. Like most Atlantic Rancher stuff, the seams are tripled tied, so it won't pull apart. The only downside is it is a light white-gray, so if you're not in shape, it may show a gut. So. Don't get this sweater. I want the only one.

K.G.I. (Old Lyme, US)
Comments: Great Company all around.
Lives up to the hype

This sweater is exactly as advertised. It's been twenty years since I bought a sweater because let's face it there all garbage.
I work outside so when someone tells me it will hold up over the years Im skeptical. This sweater is the real deal I'll be wearing it to work outside and putting it to the test. I have not seen a heavy roll neck sweater in over 30 years. When I saw the pre-order I kept looking for a sign in the pictures it was junk. You know the staged photos trying to fool you into thinking a paper thin sweater is thick. I never would have paid this price if Atlantic Rancher had not earned my trust with a few of there Boatyard shirts. Which so far are the toughest shirts I own and still look great. This sweater has some heft to it and fits great. The pictures on this site are an exact representation of what the sweater looks and feels like. If you want a loose fit over bulky clothing size up. If I wear a boatyard shirt under this it would be a tailored fit but with a T its perfect. Hate to say it but I may have to order another one a size up its that good. Label on the sleeve seems a little out of place. If it wasnt there anyone that grabs this sweater will be checking the label inside to see who made it. This is my fifth purchase from Atlantic Rancher and every product has been fantastic. Keep these great products coming.