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Saltwash Flannel Dock Shirt - Slate Blue
Jerome Fischer (Redmond, US)
Saltwash Flannel. Wow!

The Saltwash Flannel Dock Shirt was amazing. I have and do own flannel shirts. Nothing close to this excellent product. The feel of the material, even for this old
reprobate, is wonderful. Soft but with a smooth finish. I have found my perfect
flannel shirt. Well constructed and beautiful to look at. Thanks for the fast service and the caring attitude from your company staff. Love it.

Salt Farm Coat - 25th Anniversary Edition
Raymond Gross (Seattle, US)
The Coat For Every Man

The Salt Ranch Coat is the perfect fit for working on our ranch. The styling provides comfort and flexibility while working with horses or climbing up into the tractor cab. This coat withstands all my ranch work, does an excellent job at cutting the wind, and consistently keeps me warm during Wyoming's spring and fall. I highly recommend the Salt Ranch Coat for anyone that is looking for a tough coat with style.

Captain's Uniform Cotton Shirt - in Green Plaid
Daniel Kimball (Lafayette, US)
If you listen closely these shirts tell a story….

The fit on my shirt is right on as if tailored for me. The cotton is luxurious in its feel and light weight. The green plaid color has a bright hue that stands out in my closet. When you pay attention to the described details you realize the thinking and commitment given to the design and the construction of these shirts. The details speak loudly. Extremely well done!

Dock Pant in Olive
William Wilson (Fairfax, US)
Really interesting product selection

The gloves are exactly what i was looking for -- high quality gloves that i can use to work -- haul wood, work outside on a variety of projects. Everything i have purchased has been really good

Exactly what i was expecting...

With my outlaw gunner... i feel the real myself, so thank you AR.

Seaport Spyce Soap
Lourdes (Bellevue, US)
This is the OG Good Man Smell.

You can check out my other review for the aftershave, but this stuff smells amazing. If your guy is not a "cologne" guy, this soap is perfect -- subtle, clean, fresh, absolutely masculine without being "Me Tarzan" and, unlike so many men's fragrances, this smells delightfully grown up. Buy some for your favorite guy. You'll thank me later. ;-)

Boatyard Pant in Khaki
Kyle Foster (Glen Flora, US)
Boatyard Pants Fit Great!

Love these pants! The fit is great and the fabric and quality is even better!

Salt Water Tee Shirt

Exceptional quality shirt with awesome graphics. Brings a lot of discussion and comments. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for distinctive and very well made tee shirt.

Boatyard Pant in Copper
Darren Rose (Anaheim, US)
Great quality and value

Really enjoying the Boatyard pants I purchased. From the craftsmanship, quality, look and feel AR has met every expectation.

Bimini Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt- in Tarpon Green
JP Hand (Cape May Court House, US)
My new favorite shirt

I'm not a T-shirt guy, I wear short sleeve button-down shirts in summer. My new Bimini cotton shirt is the most comfortable & well made short sleeved shirt I've ever had. It wasn't inexpensive. but was well worth the price!

Captain's Uniform Cotton Shirt - in Blue Stripe
Daniel Kimball (Lafayette, US)
Life is good! My Captain’s Uniform Cotton Shirt…In Blue Stripe has arrived!

Beautiful cotton, sweet fit, feels like home…. what the hell I ordered the Green Plaid to take advantage of the sale, and salute Atlantic Rancher for taking on rebuilding their company and producing such fine clothing. Definitely worthy of consumer support and brand loyalty in these turbulent times. Carry On...

Best clothing ever

Shirts are of the best quality around, fit and finish is second to none.

Dock Pant in Slate Blue
T. Rodney Murray (Canton, US)
Love ‘em

Love the quality of material and the fit is superb!

Boatyard Pant in Copper
Eric Neumann (Houston, US)
Finally found the great pants I've looking for

I have been looking everywhere for tough, do everything, pants. It's been years of trial and error. The tough pants have no stretch are are either too baggy or bind up when you bend over or get down low. The stretch pants are not tough enough and are too lightweight. These are PERFECT. Absolutely PERFECT. These are now my go to pants. Love the copper color. And, because of their weight, they do not seem to wrinkle and they look really good with a nice shirt.

Saltwash Flannel Dock Shirt - Olive
kirby walls (Maple Valley, US)
Love these Shirts

For many years I've searched for a Fall, Winter, Spring shirt with the right weight, fit and softness for all three seasons. Atlantic Ranchers Saltwash Flannel Dock Shirt is the shirt I have been looking for. The Quality is outstanding, beyond compare. Thanks AR

Boatyard Pant in Copper
David Clark (West Hartford, US)

Boatyard Pant in Copper

Your new favorite shirt

It’s like you scored your dads favorite shirt that he wore playing poker on Sunday afternoons. This is no average shirt, besides the softest cotton on the planet if feels like a tailor came to your house to custom fit it . When you slip it on you feel like you’ve been transported to the Compleat Angler in Bimini( burned down in June 2006) on a hot humid night drinking Cuba Libres with the man. Your wondering ….why your so comfortable. Is it the rum or the way the shirt feels against my skin. I wear it untucked with the beautiful side shirttail buttons showing they’re style.
Living in Hawaii it’s taken me 30 years to find my favorite go to shirt for barbecues and post surf gatherings. I can’t wait for more designs with the same fabric. With Aloha, Tom

Quality Goods

I now have 5 shirts, 1 Outlaw Gunners Jacket, plus several accessory items from Atlantic Rancher. Love them all. Quality clothing made in Portugal 🇵🇹
I will be adding more to my wardrobe

Cool company founded on real experience

I ordered the Short Billed Dock Hat. I didn't like how it fit. Decided I'd like the Camper Hat better. I called because I was in a time crunch. Engle sent out the Camper Hat right away; and trusted me to send back the Dock Hat. I like the Camper Hat very much, both how it looks and fits. Also had a nice phone conversation, and an email exchange with Engle. Pleasant fellow to talk to and to deal with. I look forward to keeping in touch!

Seaport Spyce Cologne
Lourdes (Bellevue, US)
Both the cologne and the soap are fantstic

Picked these up for my bestie as I was tired of smelling the same old 1990s cologne (without directly telling him "you smell old, dude." The funny thing is, that while this smells a little like the original Old Spice -- lots of bayberry and spice -- it really *doesn't* smell old at all! It smells like a classic, revisited and made modern. Not surprised to discover it here on AR - it's right in keeping with their vibe of modern classics that are all about substance, while redefining style.

Only if you like PERFECT!!!

It’s like my favorite, old, broken in belt… but right outta the box!!!

Shirt of the summer!

It was an uncharacteristically hot summer here in Vancouver and I basically didn’t take the Bimini shirt off except to wash. It’s like wearing air! Colourful, soft perfectly constructed air… I’ve got the Tarpon green coming in the mail. Can’t wait!

Dock Pant in Slate Blue
Arnie (Lunenburg, US)
Engle does not speak with forked tongue!

The pants fit as I expected. That is, the pant legs were well tailored and snugger than most- no flapping in the breeze and a nice profile. The pockets were deep and well positioned for easy access, the button holes of the rear pockets were precision fitted to the buttons, and the upper portion flattered the skinny butts of us older gentlemen without sacrificing comfort. How does that happen? Engle is one of only a few who can answer that, IMHO. Regardless, they fit great and feel great, and that helps me feel great.

Bimini Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt- in Snapper Red
Timothy Spillane (New York, US)
Bimini Shirts

Please restock the Bimini Short sleeve camp shirts in Red Snapper and in Blue Marlin in size XXXL please. Also please add a little length ( one inch) to the shirts, as XXXL customers are tall. Thank you.

Dock Pant in Khaki
lila Huwiler (Lake Placid, US)

Dock Pant in Khaki