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I hate sweaters but not this one!!!

It isn't cold enough here in TX to really give this a workout but I have been enjoying it around the house to try it out.
All of the features that the video describes are what make me enjoy it. Even the elbow patches are in the correct location. From the collar to the fit of the back this will be a workhorse. The material is comfortable enough to wear against your skin w/o itching. I am excited for lower temps to enjoy what this has to offer.

Absolutely incredible sweater- wow!!

Where to begin... So I order this sweater as a gift for my husband (which was a complete gamble since he loves the ones he currently has) and realized once it was delivered that I had inadvertently ordered a medium instead of a large for him.

Realizing my mistake, I reached out to the company and immediately heard back from the owners who were SO fun and super responsive/encouraging. Encouraging, you ask? Whelp, I made the mistake of trying on the medium before I would send it back for the exchange and was 100% blown away- unbelievably comfortable/gorgeous/warm sweater that I did NOT want to take off. Seriously. The mere though of taking it off at bedtime actually caused physical pain. The owners, understanding my plight because they are quite familiar with how great the sweater is, gently encouraged my to consider keeping the medium for myself and purchasing another in large for my husband. They (rightly) pointed out that winters get rough in the north Cascades and assured me I wouldn’t regret it.

And my husband... what a colossal win there! Big score- he LOVES it and loves it on me, too! I’m telling you, if you live in a cold area or just a cool a wet area like the PNW buy this sweater if it’s still available in your size!! Think seriously about getting one for your wife, too ;). These sweaters are heirloom-quality pieces that will last a lifetime!

Best quality available

I recently received two items from Atlantic Rancher. Both were the best looking and best built clothing items I’ve ever purchased on line. They look right and feel great. I have a new supplier fo my casual wardrobe.

Rugged Luxury

The beauty of this item is the luxury of merino wool with the rugged look of padded elbows. Kept me as warm as can be while camping.

Incredible Quality

The Boatyard Shirt is Quality with a capital Q! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt this well made before. I fully expect it to last for a lifetime of comfort. Thank you!

Raw Oyster Saltwashed T-Shirt
Cindy Summs (Chesapeake, US)
Loved it

It was for a birthday present it was loved!!

AR Seaman’s Coffee Mug - Heritage
Raymond Zimmerman (Paterson, US)

I have enjoyed the mug and shirt!!

Boat yard shirt

Great rich feel...
I'm a big guy and it fits great. Worth the price 👌

More than advertised!

Love the I must start thinking about Christmas soon.

Flawless construction

This one replaces my original sweater which unfortunately “disappeared” some years ago. So excited to see this one come around again. Just as I remembered. Not one stitch out of place, robust but not itchy. Fit is spot on for me. Just have to wait for the nasty cold weather to catch up.

Ranger Uniform Sweater XL

I am very happy with my Ranger sweater. High price but top quality. I am 6'3" 190Lbs and I am comfortable in a 44 Long coat. It fits great in back length and sleeve length and that was my biggest worry. Very comfortable merino wool. No need for base layer merino if not desired. Perfect middle layer for North Minnesota Winter weather under a Parka. a very good deal!. 10-2-22

Great and beautiful vest!

I have long been a fan of other brans such as filson or pendleton but I recently discovered this brand ATLANTIC RANCHER CO and I very pleased with the quality of they products now they have a new fan, and I hope to continue trusting their products,this vest is proof of it very comfortable and warm ,very well made and the materials are excellent thanks Engle Saez, founder.

Nearly Perfect

I'm a huge fan of the AR brand. It blends rugged and refined very well. Which is unique. The craftsmanship and design are top notch, as well.

I own quite a few pieces and they are all pretty much perfect. The Boatyard Jacket is the only one I think could be slightly improved.

Still, it's a strong 5 stars, even if only due to the awesome material and loaded features of the jacket. The material is definitely weather proof and makes for a great, durable shell. The pockets, lining, and collar of the jacket are all great.

I would personally prefer if the jacket were longer. 5'11 wearing a size Large, the jacket only comes down to my waist. Even an untucked shirt underneath sits lower than the bottom of the jacket. Given the material and purpose of the jacket, I personally think it would be perfect if it came down to mid-thigh.

Still love it.

Tucked or Untucked

In a world with too many flannel shirts (like my closet), AR's Bayman's is one of my favorites. The 5.3oz cotton is a very versatile fabric. Suitable for warm, cool, or cold weather. The cotton is soft to the touch but crisp enough to maintain a clean, dressed look. It feels rugged enough to be durable, but dresses up very well. There are always a wealth of pattern choices and they always end uo looking even better in person than in the photos. All in all: the most versatile flannel shirts I've ever owned.

Great shirt

Very nice and well made. I will be getting some other colors

Hudson Canyon 1/4-Zip in Navy
Tom Panek (Wildwood, US)
I’m wearing it right now!

I can feel that this is going to be a fall/winter staple. Comes out of the bag a little stiff but by day two it breaks in perfectly and is soft. The broken in look is great. Overall very happy with the purchase. Quality piece for use in years to come.

Very well made and comfortable. Can easily layer underneath and it doesn’t look too large when you don’t. Like many products from AR the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Boatyard Shirt is Bomb Proof

This is the best made shirt I have ever bought! The heavy cloth used in construction is made to wear for years and years.

Great shirt!

This is a really high quality shirt —it’s going to be my go to outdoor wear in the fall! Will definitely buy something else from you guys.

Atlantic Rancher Wool Cap - Gray
William Reedy (Barrington, US)
wool cap

Wow, what a great hat, very happy with my purchase! The quality is A-1

Wonderful shirt!

I guess I’m a sucker for ANYTHING Marblehead since I had so many good memories of that place. Any way, I love that this shirt is well made and has a great. design! Keep Marblehead things coming and I”ll keep buying!

Boatyard shirt

So far so good! Had the shirt for a few weeks now, and worn it out in some bad weather. Happy with the purchase so far.

Undoubtedly the best hoodie I’ve ever owned

Great heavy weight, excellent construction. A go- to favorite for life

captain's uniform cotton shirt

This is a nice shirt - the medium should have fit based on measurements (I'm 6'2" and 175), but it's a little short in the sleeves and tight in the chest - it was on sale and thus not returnable - my partner has just inherited a pretty great "boyfriend shirt"!

Outlaw Gunner Hat
Jeffrey Weathers (Ashburn, US)
Unique Design Suburb Quality

$60 for a hat seemed a bit much, but the obvious quality shows for it. Never seen a ball cap with ear flaps before. Should be a fine hunting hat here on the Chesapeake.