We think of products as "ideas". Ideas From A Lifetime At Sea. It’s a form-follows-function thing for us. Ideas need time to soak, time to evolve and mature. Eventually, some become something worth pursuing. And some need to get tossed overboard and forgotten…others still, simply need to be restarted from scratch. For sure, we are not the originators of every idea we bring to market and don’t pretend to be. Do you think the CPO Shirt was our idea? Hell no! But if you compare our rendition of this classic idea to others, you’ll notice improvements that are thoughtful, practical and make for a garment of uncommon durability and functionality. Some even think it looks good on!

No-matter-what, you can be sure that every idea we build or procure is intended to achieve a standard of quality and purpose…not a price. We call this standard “the usefulness and integrity of a knot tied right.” We hold ourselves to this standard and work with all our makers to ensure this standard is never compromised.

And now a word or two about consumerism. Hoping this doesn’t come across as being preachy, but the very word “consumer” says a lot. All of us here recently watched a stomach twisting and sadly enlightening documentary about today’s fashion and apparel industry and its devastating impact on humans and our environment: The True Cost. We encourage you to watch this landmark documentary as we think it will have a positive impact and cause you to rethink your role as a “consumer.”

Now don’t guess us wrong…we want you buy from us. We build and procure Ideas fit for the purpose for which they are intended and with you in mind. When you do, you are supporting us, our families, our suppliers and their families, and the raw material and related equipment makers.

However, before you buy anything from Atlantic Rancher, please go through your closet, look around your mudroom, spin through your garage or storage locker and ask yourself: do I really need this? Is this demonstrably better than what I already own? Will I or the person I am buying for truly use and enjoy this. If the answer is YES to these questions…then please, click away! If the answer no, please…don’t buy it. Don’t buy stuff from us on impulse or because it looks cool and trendy…cuz it ain’t. Please buy stuff from us with purpose and intention knowing you’ll use and enjoy for years to come.