Here's what we'll know about you

Ok…some of this is boilerplate stuff, but it’s important and we want to be as transparent as the waters of the Gulf Stream. Bottom line, we collect a lot of your information in process of hosting you on our website. We do this to improve your experience on our website on return visits and also to make communication with you a bit more personal.

More specifically, we collect your personally identifiable information (name, address, email, phone) during the course of doing business with you…when you sign up to get our infrequent email, for instance, or when you create an account on our site. Occasionally we may share your information with trusted 3rd party partners during the course of normal business interactions.

We also collect your non-personal information (IP address, browser data, etc.) automatically via our website service, and that is used solely for analytical purposes, by 3rd. party services like Google Analytics that collect and process data to improve the quality of our website and communications with you.

We use outside credit card processing companies to bill you for products you purchase from us. These companies do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any other purposes beyond filling your order.
Unless you tell us not to, we may contact you via email from time to time to tell you about what’s going on at The Ranch.

And, if the Feds show up looking for you here, we will comply with their request and give you up…it’s the law.