In a word, we are outdoorsmen…and women. We got that way by living and working during a special time in America and in wide open spaces that line the Atlantic tidewaters. Along the way, we were fortunate to have teachers we respected…men and women who cared about living life right - with integrity and purpose. They shared insights and passed on lessons that became life-long inspirations to the life we now endeavor to lead and share with others.
The Atlantic Rancher Company was driven by destiny. The thought of building this company crawled into my brain when I was a young, snotnose-know-it-all working a marketing gig at Timberland Footwear, back when it was a tiny little thing in New Market, NH. Eventually, the thought migrated to my heart and soul from where an unshakeable gravitational pull led me to bootstrap the Atlantic Rancher Company in 1995.
And here we are…many, many years later, after lots of ups, down and sideways, Atlantic Rancher is a company whose original idea has endured to stand as a testament to the character and principles of those remarkable men and women upon whose shoulders we stand today…with pride and gratitude. We refer to them as our Atlantic Ranchers and our “Uncle Jack” Scheimreif (insert small photo of Uncle Jack stands atop that mountain.


Engle Saez

WE have a bunch of names for him...

Victoria Roberts

Victoria is 1st Mate at the Ranch...blah di blah, blah

Drew Wicklund

Andrew's the shit...blah di blah, blah di blah...

Capt. Karl Anderson

Karl and Engle go way back...blah di blah, blah di blah...

One-eyed Jack

He's the newest addition to our crew and third in a string of gunning companions and office security officers. Why do we call him "one-eye"?...cuz he sleeps with one eye open. Not makin' this up...you see proof when you click into his bio.



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