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Wide Open Spaces You Can Wear.

First, we obsess over collar depth and shapes. You’ll note this distinction immediately when you compare ours to any other shirt you own. We mess and we fuss over the depth of the collar back, the length of the collar points…and most importantly, the overall shape. When open and laid flat, you’ll see ours have a subtle but deliberate curve. Just like a Rybovich, there’s not a single straight line or square joint.

Then come the shirttails. Ours actually have ‘em…unlike those untuck-shirts. Sorry, but we like shirttails, because on occasion, we like to tuck ours into our pants. Yep, we’re old-school that way. We also add a small keeper button to keep ‘em in check for days when you prefer to let ‘em flap in the wind. The overall fit is comfortable, not too snug in the chest or the arms…we don’t make skinny-mini shirts tailored for the runway.

Now let's talk fabrics. Ok, I’ll say it but then I’ll wash my mouth out with soap: Our shirts are soft…buttery soft…melts in your hands soft! There, I said it! We source our fabrics from the world’s most renown mills, all 100% cotton, yarn-dyed and brushed to perfection. They’ll wear on, year-over-year and won’t won’t fade, shrink or pill. Our patterns are unique, and we only make a small batch of each. If one catches your eye, grab it now!