Atlantic Rancher Co. Pewter Flask




  • 100% lead-free, English pewter
  • 6oz. capacity
  • 5 1/2” tall, 4” across, 1” wide  
  • Hinged, captive screw top closure
  • Motif hand-stamped and burnished...not laser engraved
  • Always flush your flask after a day’s use with warm water
  • Never allow contents to wallow in your flask “until next time”
  • Made in England
  • And for the sake of all, bottoms up

A proper flask has always been considered an essential tool for us at Atlantic Rancher. Now, many believe they are meant for just one purpose, but that’s not necessarily true. I’ve got lots of stories about flasks that don't involve sippin’. More on that at another time.

For now, please meet our man in Sheffield, England - Mr. Ray Smith. I worked with Ray back in 1995 to develop our original flask samples. I still have them. However, I took my eye off the ball for two seconds and the flasks that ended up in our inventory were not made by Ray...they were indeed imposters of much lesser material and make. Seems our “purchasing guy” did a switcheroo. My mistake for not payin’ attention.

Mr. Ray Smith was first introduced to the pewter
manufacturing trade when he was 16, an apprentice polishing and buffing small items. He then moved up to the metal spinning workshop, where the pewter round metal disc and shaping takes place on a shaped chuck that's attached to the
spinning lathe.

His father learned him as a youngster how to forge
and shape metals and how to weld them together, while his Mother worked as a polisher in the cutlery and hollowware and taught him how to polish different type of hollowware.

Soon, he made a small workshop at home and started making different shapes of flasks and tankards...according to Ray, “the more difficult the better, it was a challenge!” Along the way, he learned how to metalsmith precious metals and how to make form tools to create different shapes...old-world techniques which he still applies today using his two hands to make tools without CNC lathes or milling machines. And as others have done for him, Ray is now passing his knowledge, skills, and pride of his trade to his grandson, Mr. Jack Lewis, who will undoubtedly carry on in the tradition of excellence that is the foundation of Sheffield Pewter Craft Company.

Which brings us here: The Atlantic Rancher Flask, each handcrafted in 100% English pewter by Ray, from scratch to the box...without scratches. The fancy embellishments are stamped onto the pewter while still in sheet form, by hand using a press...not machine laser engraved as you might find when shopping for groomsmen’s gifts at the mall.

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Our Story

Customer Reviews

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Craig Losee
Comments: Please send me the Pheasant Flask X 2.

Really nice quality. I would like to buy another.

M. Dole (Woodruff, US)
Pewter Pheasant Aiming-Juice Flask

Love it! Taking out to South Dakota soon, for post-hunt snort.

AR Pewter Flask

When I originally purchased this beautifully handmade whisky flask a year ago, I intended to give it as a gift. I enjoyed the look and feel of it so much I decided to keep it. Since then, the flask has accompanied me on hunting and fishing trips around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. I am happy to report that the Aiming Juice flask is ambidextrous – it works just as well on fishing trips as it does on hunting trips.

When you buy from business owners you trust, the experience is made better because you know where the products are coming from and connect with the people behind the products. I know the good people behind Atlantic Rancher and I especially appreciate the care they took in sourcing this fine product. By providing the wonderful story about the maker Ray Smith in Sheffield, England, you are connected to these timeless and permanent objects that act as a small but handy bulwark to our just-in-time, throw-away culture.

George - we must test your flask in our duck blind this winter...just to make sure it is working properly!
-- Engle

As Essential As Your Best Benelli

How can you not have a flask (or many)? Essential kit. This one gets the job done with some old world its embellishment was inspired by a great hunter I know. Mine currently has some scratches....due to use and they give it character.