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Atlantic Rancher Leather Eyeglass Case - Crush-proof!

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Making A Strong Case.

Uncle Jack’s collection of “long-seers” as he called ‘em was legendary…as was his special knack for stepping and siting on them, and of course, losing them. I personally have, more than once, fished his eyeglasses out of the bilge of the Dotty G, a sportfishing boat he worked on in Beach Haven. I’ve heard stories that his wife, Adelle, once found a pair inside the toaster. And what a ruckus would ensue when he couldn’t put his hands on a pair. Nobody was safe I’ll tell ya, and he made it everyone’s problem until they were found. Usually an armlength away, 2 or 3 of them, right there in a coffee cup on the kitchen table.

Uncle Jack…these leather eyeglass cases are for you. While they may not solve the losing part of the problem, they will solve the crushing part. Setting out on this build, I wanted something with solid structure, utmost utility and of course, crush-proof construction…cost be damned. I’ve ruined my share of fancy Persol sunglasses know not to go cheap here.

To get there, we started with HH, 8oz weight English Bridle Leather milled and tanned in Missouri, and we cut only from the back part of the hides where the leather is the firmest. The nose saddle that holds the glasses in place, also cut from this heavy-weight leather, acts as a center support beam, protecting the most fragile part of an eyeglass. In the front, the thick leather fans out in a curved wing design and is handsewn to the back part and resists collapsing due to the curve design and thickness of the leather. To protect the lenses, the inside front part is lined with suede. And to secure all of this, we use a unique marine quality closure found on boat weather curtains, called “Lift-a-dot.” All of the seams on the case are handsewn (not machine stitched) with waxed nylon thread.  


  • HH, 8oz English Bridle leather, milled and tanned in Missouri
  • Crush-proof construction
  • Sewn by hand (not machine stitched) in America
  • Suede lining front part protects the lenses
  • Lift-a-dot branded closure snap secures the case
  • Belt strap slider in back secures case to pants, accommodates up to 1 ½” wide belt