The Boatyard Collection

When it comes to building products, we have always been highly influenced by our surroundings and the characters that inhabit them. We are a curious bunch, and we pay attention to things that work and to people with ingenuity who make things work.

And there’s no better example of this process than our connection with The Boatyard Boys of Marblehead Trading Company, the 89 Front Street Yard, in Marblehead, Ma. It just so happens that our original office was located at The Yard, in a 3rd floor sail loft, next to the crane used to haul boats and set masts. Thus, our official address: “89 Front Street…through the boatyard, under the crane, and up the stairs.”

And from our 3rd-floor deck, perched directly above The Yard and overlooking Marblehead Harbor, we went to school every day. I used to say, “we don’t have to look too far for our next great idea, cuz right below our deck, parade dozens of ideas from a half-dozen lifetimes at sea.” And that’s where our company slogan came from: “Ideas From A Lifetime At Sea®.”

- Engle Saez, founder