Original Rope Dog Lead

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Rudder proof!

This is one of the very first products the Atlantic Rancher Company ever made, back in 1995. It came about from sheer necessity: keeping the company’s young chocolate lab, Rudder, under control during civilized occasions. We had tried one of those fancy, spring-loaded retractable leads. Now I know dogs don’t speak English, but the look on Rudder’s face said it all: you’re embarrassing me!

Off we went in search of a manly dog’s-dog lead. And guess what we found after checking out several of those pet superstores? N-o-t-h-i-n’...except little wimpy leashes that are just begging to be chewed through. So, we built our own, in the garage. Made from ⅜” double-braid nylon rope, molded aeronautic-grade composite nylon connectors held together with brass screws and a stainless steel trigger snap at the tag end. Heel, Rudder...heel!


  • Handmade in my garage
  • Length is 6.5’ overall
  • ⅜” double-braid nylon rope
  • ⅝” stainless steel trigger snap
  • Ropeze brand connectors  

Customer Reviews

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Richmond Powers (Lexington, US)
A True Time-tested Original

As an industry leader among the most functionally-fit and design-detailed, Atlantic Rancher products not only wear their soul on their sleeves but lead and deliver proven rugged quality like the good knot described in their motto.

Their Original Rope Dog Lead is “original” for two reasons: Its a true first for the company and is so well constructed as to be deemed worthy of being considered the first original dog lead ever invented.

And like anything done right the first time, Atlantic Rancher’s Lead is incomparable, standing alone amongst the pack.

john sather
Best Dog Lead Ever

Believe me........this IS the best dog lead I have ever had. I have two very large Scottish Deerhounds who need a strong lead. This does the trick. The craftsmanship is amazing. My only wish is that there was a matching collar.

Best leash I've found - super well made!

I bought this as soon as I saw it on the AR website! The quality is seriously unparalleled to anything else I've found on the market. It's lightweight but could hold a seriously strong and large dog. Really comfortable in the hand as well! Really excited to have this leash for a long time.

Marty Mannion
AR Dog Lead

I have had other leashes before. The AR Lead is by far the nicest one I have owned. The construction is very heavy duty. The release clip works easily. All the connections are solid. I have used it on the field hunting and just walking my 7 yr old Lab. There are many copies out there but they are junk compared to this one!

Douglas bondy
Leash left the pack

The weight and construction of this leash is amazing Great for a massive dog or a small dog the leash just falls into your hands. Highly recommend this product.