Outlaw Gunner Book


The Outlaw Gunner

The Outlaw Gunner is the colorful story of market gunning in both its legal and illegal phases, particularly as it was practiced in the great Chesapeake Bay, the Outer Banks and the tidewater regions of Delaware, Maryland, Virginal and North Carolina.

This is a fascinating account of a period and of practices long gone…the tale of the market gunners, guides, and outlaws who were engaged in a unique occupation, and of the federal game wardens and their cat-an-mouse pursuit to tame their livelihood. From them comes the most authoritative and comprehensive study of the art of wildfowling ever written.

In more than one hundred fifty of the most unusual and rare photographs from the author’s collection, men with their guns, boats and traps are shown in action. Throughout the unspoken “good ole days” feeling, and the nostalgia, runs a strong between-the-lines plea for conservation in our time. The appeal, placed in this setting, is hard to ignore. Nothing like The Outlaw Gunner has ever been produced. It's a book the hunters and conservationists alike should read and enjoy in the battle for conservation.

In this second edition printing of Dr. Harry M. Walsh’s landmark book, the author’s son, Joe Walsh, has included 50 pages from the yet to be published, My River. written by Dr. Walsh.


  • Hardcover
  • Over 150 of the most unusual and rarest wildfowling photographs in existence
  • A book hunters and conservationist alike will appreciate

Batten down the galley boys, the ship’s about to roll!

We were on the hunt for an American manufacturer, by that we mean a “genuine manufacturer” one that owns the process, from clay to the galley...not an “importer and marketer of goods” from far away places. We found what we were after in W. Virginia. The Homer Laughlin Company, a family-run, multi-generational family employer that’s been at their craft since 1871 and is today, the last standing American pottery. Our man at the helm was Bill Pickin, himself a 30 yr. veteran at HLC. With Bill's guidance, we built from scratch a darn nice replica of the authentic US Navy coffee cup, which the Navy commissioned in the 1940’s to withstand a ship’s roll in the open oceans. Thus the thick-walled body and girthy profile.

The process starts with what Bill calls “the batter” a concoction of clay, fleldspar, alpha alumina and a few secret ingredients. Each piece is jiggered. The handles are cast and attached by hand, our inscriptions are hand placed in the assigned location, and into the fire they go. After a 12 hour cycle in the kiln, they are ready for inspection...one that rivals that of the US NAvy Sailor’s Uniform Inspection. Mission readiness?...yup, we’re sure of it.


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