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Damascus Cleaver Knife from William Whiteley

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The Cleverest of Cleavers

This may be one of ‘em utensils that falls into the category of things you didn’t think you needed. That’s precisely what we thought. Honestly, the only use we have for something of this caliber is when processing duck and geese legs or trimming the occasional deer and elk ribs, and we usually use a short-handle axe for that. And we’ll likely still use the axe for these purposes. But holding this magnificent collision of steel and resin in your hands makes you want to use it…if only to spread butter on toast just to say you did.

Here again is another sharp work of art from our friends in Sheffield. Our super sharp, handcrafted Whiteley Damascus cleaver knife is made from high carbon VG10 stainless steel with an above industry standard hardness of up to 62 HRc. This ensures superior sharpness, longevity and durability ensuring an irreplaceable partner in the kitchen.

The multi-layered Damascus steel blade provides an ultra strong core coupled with flexible stainless steel allowing the edge to be honed to razor sharp precision and provides superior edge retention.

The ergonomic G10 resin infused handle not only provides a striking design, but also aids the Whiteley Damascus cleaver knife’s precision balanced handle and blade.

As the Damascus blade is built up of many sandwiched layers covering the core of the blade, each knife is completely unique making it the perfect gift, presented in our signature gift box, complete with bespoke foam and wooden insert.

So there you have it, now go on and get’ll forever be impressed with this, the cleverest of cleavers.


  • High carbon, VG10 stainless steel
  • Damascus construction
  • Ergonomic, G10 resin infused handle
  • Total length: 11.6”
  • Blade length: 6.7”
  • Signature Whiteley black presentation box with foam and wooden insert