Ranger’s Uniform Sweater - 25th Anniversary Edition




SOFT ENOUGH TO WEAR COMFORTABLY AGAINST YOUR SKIN. It’s rare to find a sweater that feels both beefy and is ultra-soft. Extra fine Merino wool makes this so. Zero itch guaranteed.

THICK, ROBUST, AND DURABLE. This is not a “handle-with-care” sweater…it’s a piece of equipment built to perform in tough environments and handle whatever weather.

THE IDEAL EVERYDAY SWEATER – looks great, feels great, has excellent thermal management, and serves equally well as an outer layer or mid-layer.

TOPS OFF ANY PANT AND SHIRT COMBINATION. You won’t find yourself wondering what this sweater “goes with.” You put it on, it holds its shape and everything else falls in place.

TRUE TO SIZE…but size up if you’re planning on piling on layers underneath.

LIMITED EDITION – Our 25th Anniversary Ranger's Uniform Sweater is a limited production run, each is marked with a unique serial number identifier.

The Ranger's Uniform Sweater was commissioned in 1995 by The Trustees of Reservations, Ipswich, Ma., the oldest conservation land trust in America, founded by Charles Eliot, in 1891. Their requirements were exacting. For it to be adopted as part of the Ranger’s Uniform, it had to be practical and serve double duty…as a layering piece but sturdy and warm enough to go it alone in the winters of the Massachusetts coastline.


Why would anyone call this a "Uniform Sweater?"

Well, because that’s precisely how it came to be…commissioned in 1995 by The Trustees of Reservations, Ipswich, Ma., the oldest conservation land trust in America, founded by Charles Eliot, in 1891. Their requirements were exacting. For it to be adopted as part of the Ranger’s Uniform, it had to be practical and serve double duty…as a layering piece but sturdy and warm enough to go it alone in the winters of the Massachusetts coastline. Simple enough? Not exactly. It took us well over a dozen prototypes to get The Ranger’s Uniform Sweater approved by then Ranger, Dave Rimmer.

It all starts with a hardy and naturally water resistant, 7ga yarn spun from 100% Extafine Merino wool. The entire sweater is “fully fashioned” (odd term as it has nothing to do with fashion) which means that every panel of the sweater is engineered to fit and conform to the curves and measurements of its adjoining components. This is most noticeable where the body meets the armhole, the neck, the shoulder and of course as it tapers to the waist. What’s the alternative and how are most sweaters made? Cut-and-Sew…which is akin to using a cookie cutter to form a loaf of bread.

The most distinctive and perhaps the most functional part of the Ranger’s Uniform Sweater is inset bi-swing shoulder gusset hidden between the shoulder blade and sleeve. It’s made of lighter gage yarn that expands naturally with the movement of the arm and shoulder. We’ve yet to come across a sweater that has this feature! 

The collar is asymmetrical, so it lays perfectly flat at the shoulder-neck point and widens slightly as it comes to the front. The cuff and waist are doubled and 4 needle flat-lock stitched…they’ll never stretch out. And the elbow patches are, of course, made from our proprietary DryHandle®, 100% cotton weatherproof fabric.

Said and done, this sweater is built for endurance…a 1x1 Jersey knit with dense, tightly spun yarns, it has a smooth, non-scratchy hand feel that will wear like chainmail. It will not pill or stretch out. And because of merino wool’s exceptional and complex fiber make up, this sweater is naturally water repellent, moving all moisture to the surface where it naturally evaporates, keeping you warm and dry.

We are reintroducing this legendary piece of gear to commemorate our 25th Anniversary. 

Each piece will carry this commemorative label, each marked with its unique serial number identifier.


• 25th Anniversary Edition, each sweater marked with its unique serial number identifier

• 7ga, 100% Extrafine Merino wool yarn

• Half cardigan stitch

• Fully fashioned throughout

• Inset, bi-swing shoulder gussets with contrast yarn

• Asymmetrical collar

• Doubled sleeve cuffs and waist hem

• Quilted elbow patches made of DryHanle® zig-zag stitched for durability

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Customer Reviews

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Marcus Ponce de Leon (Seattle, US)
Comments: You set a new standard with this piece. I understand why you are so proud of it.
The sweater scores a knockout! Durable. Comfortable. And oh so fine!

The Ranger’s uniform sweater is the best sweater I have among several commando and fisherman style sweaters from outdoor & sporting companies on both coasts. When I read that it was the ‘Muhammad Ali’ of sweaters, I took the description as hyperbole in advertising. I was happily mistaken. The sweater is a sharp looking, substantial piece. Hold it, and you’ll see. I bought it for hunting and have used it waterfowling in Puget Sound and the coast of Massachusetts in winter. It is toasty and comfortable. Paired with a waxed canvas coat, the outfit is as effective as synthetic camouflage garments and much classier. It is also the only hunting clothing I’ve worn out to dinner in Boston. It is a fine looking sweater.
Engle, you’ve poured yourself into the company, and it shows in the quality of the pieces and the customer service. Thanks.

Tom Miller (Westville, US)
Bought a new sweater, got a new favorite supplier.

You need to know I'm a gear snob, and I am proud of it. I've been in the market for a heavy sweater that can withstand the abuse of waterfowl season for a while now. I looked to the usual "American Heritage brand" (which shall remain unnamed) that I normally use for these goods, but balked at the price despite being made in the USA. I soon came across the Ranger Uniform Sweater which I believe is just as good and a much better value than what I had previously convinced myself I wanted.

This past weekend I chose to wear only my waders and the sweater with no overcoat for opening day of our duck season. The temperature was in the 40s with a light rain. Coupled with a boat ride, this should have been a miserable start to the day. The Ranger Uniform Sweater performed flawlessly, keeping me warm and dry. It actually got a little too warm once the sun was up, so I have no doubt it will do just fine as the season grinds on and the temperature starts to drop. My only complaint, if you could call it that, is that the center of the elbow patches fall a little high on the sleeve due to my long arms.

I would be remiss if I didnt say, the customer service at Atlantic Rancher is top shelf. After ordering I reconsidered the size I needed and fired off an email requesting a change. Within a few minutes, the owner, Engle, responded stating it wouldn't be a problem and would ship per my update.

It goes without saying I will be a repeat customer. I was impressed enough with the quality of the product and responsiveness of the customer service that I carefully peeled the decal from the shipping package and placed it on my shell box.

Chris Allemang (Seattle, US)
Absolutely incredible sweater- wow!!

Where to begin... So I order this sweater as a gift for my husband (which was a complete gamble since he loves the ones he currently has) and realized once it was delivered that I had inadvertently ordered a medium instead of a large for him.

Realizing my mistake, I reached out to the company and immediately heard back from the owners who were SO fun and super responsive/encouraging. Encouraging, you ask? Whelp, I made the mistake of trying on the medium before I would send it back for the exchange and was 100% blown away- unbelievably comfortable/gorgeous/warm sweater that I did NOT want to take off. Seriously. The mere though of taking it off at bedtime actually caused physical pain. The owners, understanding my plight because they are quite familiar with how great the sweater is, gently encouraged my to consider keeping the medium for myself and purchasing another in large for my husband. They (rightly) pointed out that winters get rough in the north Cascades and assured me I wouldn’t regret it.

And my husband... what a colossal win there! Big score- he LOVES it and loves it on me, too! I’m telling you, if you live in a cold area or just a cool a wet area like the PNW buy this sweater if it’s still available in your size!! Think seriously about getting one for your wife, too ;). These sweaters are heirloom-quality pieces that will last a lifetime!

B. (Quincy, US)
The Muhammed Ali of Sweaters

This might be the greatest all-around sweater being made on the planet right now.

I am comparing this sweater with the best. I have a wool sweaters from high-end American heritage brands, tech-gear oriented wool-specialists, Western and Northern European companies with hundreds of years of experience crafting quality products from locally sourced wool... I like a good sweater, and I have some first-hand perspective.

This winter I set out to find the perfect all-around sweater / everyday sweater / #1 in the rotation. An ideal everyday sweater looks great, feels great, has excellent thermal management, serves equally well as an outer layer or mid-layer, is tough enough to stand up to some abuse (chores, life, etc.) and is built to last. This may have been the 13th sweater or so that I picked up this season - and it's hands down the best all-around sweater I've ever owned.

Fit: 10/10

Atlantic Rancher says that this sweater is "'fully fashioned' (odd term as it has nothing to do with fashion) which means that every panel of the sweater is engineered to fit and conform to the curves and measurements of its adjoining components." At first I thought this sounded like marketing speak. But the moment the sweater's on it's remarkable just how noticeable this is. It's hard to describe but it's almost as if each panel of the sweater fits absolutely perfectly. This translates to greater comfort, greater range of motion, and a better look, too.

The shoulder gussets work as intended and add a nice touch of color. The color here is a lighthearted and fun contrast to the military / tactical / woodland nature of the olive color. The sweater is thicker where it counts: wrist, neck, and the waist. This not only adds greater durability and ensures shape retention, both important for 100% wool, but it also makes these areas of the sweater more comfortable.

The sweater is true to size, is trim enough to be flattering, but spacious enough to maximize comfort. The sleeves are a perfect length. If you're looking to pile on layers under the sweater, then I would suggest sizing up. But I ordered mine "to size" and I find it perfect. The best fitting sweater I own.

Fabric: 10/10

The fabric is an extra fine but thickly woven merino wool. Thermal management is excellent. Comfortable between 32F and 75F with a t-shirt underneath. The sweater is absolutely soft enough to wear comfortably against the skin. There is zero itch from this sweater. Simultaneously, the way the sweater is woven makes it feel thick, robust, and durable. It's rare to find wool that feels both beefy and ultra soft, and this fabric and stitch are 1000% on point. I will buy anything that this company puts out with this fabric and stitch. It's the best.

Craftsmanship: 10/10

No complaints here. And one huge compliment to the design and craftsmanship. Many wool sweaters of this weight don't seem to hold their shape very well. And you can feel it when you wear it.. the sweater will kind of just hang on you. This sweater holds its shape extremely well. So well it's almost un-wool-like: it feels like a blend. And I think it's a testament to the superior quality of the design and the fabric, but it's also a testament to the way the sweater is constructed. The attention to detail in the reinforcement of the cuffs, neck, and bottom hem of the sweater are extremely evident. This was made in Portugal. I'm a big supporter of homegrown products, but Portugal does have an extensive and positive history in both textiles and clothing. This is a phenomenally well-made sweater and is right there with the best hand-made / small order / premium shops I'm familiar with.

Final Thoughts:

This sweater is over-engineered like a legendary mid-90s Toyota. It outperforms and outshines sweaters that cost twice as much. Yes. It's worth it.

Christian Wolgemuth (Elizabethtown, US)
Stop reading and just buy the damn sweater

I'm a sucker for a good merino sweater. I first ordered the green one in Medium, but was then concerned about the sizing so I called and actually spoke directly with Engle who gave me some insight into the fit. Of course he was exactly right, and the sweater fit perfectly after it arrived. For reference, I wear a 40R suit jacket and the Medium is perfect. I like it so much I went ahead and ordered the blue one too. Very pleased.