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AR Leather Wrapped Marsh Flask

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The Art of Concealment

Aside from your decoy rigs, shells and a shotgun that aims right and won’t jam…our Leather Wrapped Marsh Flask is a required essential for complementing a full day on the saltmarsh.

And as your garvey skims its way home across the bay, the wind in your face, your beverage of choice keeps neatly concealed in this stainless steel bunker of a flask, with a durable, duck-boat-drab matte finish. And just out of borrowing distance it stays from those pesky companions who never bring anything nice to share. But you, you will be generous and you will be kind. You’ll offer a taste to all, and when they light up with glee, you can say with a smile: “Oh, sorry, it’s all gone...I was just wondering if you wanted some.” Bastard! they’ll say.


  • 6 oz. capacity
  • Premium, 304 food grade stainless steel
  • Durable duck-boat-drab matte finish
  • HH weight American harness leather wrap, removable
  • Handsewn, with stand-up base
  • Shareable if necessary