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Original Rope Dog Lead

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Rudder proof!

This is one of the very first products the Atlantic Rancher Company ever made, back in 1995. It came about from sheer necessity: keeping the company’s young chocolate lab, Rudder, under control during civilized occasions. We had tried one of those fancy, spring-loaded retractable leads. Now I know dogs don’t speak English, but the look on Rudder’s face said it all: you’re embarrassing me!

Off we went in search of a manly dog’s-dog lead. And guess what we found after checking out several of those pet superstores? N-o-t-h-i-n’...except little wimpy leashes that are just begging to be chewed through. So, we built our own, in the garage. Made from ⅜” double-braid nylon rope, molded aeronautic-grade composite nylon connectors held together with brass screws and a stainless steel trigger snap at the tag end. Heel, Rudder...heel!


  • Handmade in my garage
  • Length is 6.5’ overall
  • ⅜” double-braid nylon rope
  • ⅝” stainless steel trigger snap
  • Ropeze brand connectors  

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