Atlantic Rancher Duck Shack Moccasins

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Excerpt from our 1997 winter catalog:

“One night, some twenty-odd years ago while all were asleep, Capt. Bob Gaskill’s lab ‘Shadow’ turned his master’s favorite leather slippers into a midnight snack. Still, you can’t leave the duck shack without hearing at least one version of this story. He never found a suitable replacement…for the slippers that is.”

Here they are again in all their salt-marshy splendor...and then some! Genuine, hand-sewn moccasin construction. Full grain, HH weight, vegetable tanned, calfskin leather. And the “then some’ is this: they are fully lined with 100% genuine shearling sheepskin. Our originals had only a wool pile lining...a woven fabric made using wool and synthetic fibers. The difference is significant and the benefits are many:


  • It's cool in summer and warm in winter

  • Lanolin in wool is self cleaning, making sheepskin antibacterial

  • Considered by the medical profession as hypoallergenic

  • Sheepskin fibers are hollow and absorb up 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling wet

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