Boatyard Briefcase

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Excerpt from our 1995 catalog

Coming up with new Ideas is sometimes as easy as looking out the window of our office at 89 Front St. Right there below, on any given day, parade ideas from a half-dozen lifetimes at sea…

We call ‘em the Boatyard Boys.

Remember the TV show Hogan’s Heroes? Well, it’s a lot like that. Mack McCloskey, he’s Hogan. Lars Sorensen is Carter. Toby is Newkirk, Ryan is Shultz and Ralph...he’s Colonel Clink! Anyway, this is the tool bag they all use...because in addition to being the toughest (24-oz. cotton duck), the meanest (a mouth the size of a blue whale), the most compartmentalized (24 separate pockets in all) tool bag in the world, it’s also the best darn concealed transport vehicle for getting “things”...from Budweiser to bolt cutters...through the boatyard unnoticed. And since they all carry the same bag, well let’s just say the shell game starts every Friday afternoon around 4pm.

Details. 24 oz. cotton duck. No metal rivets, snaps or anything that’ll scratch sensitive surfaces like teak decks, painted topsides or vanished rails. Adjustable shoulder strap and reinforced stress points throughout. 17” long, 12” tall, 7” wide.

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