Outlaw Gunner Hat

$60.00 USD

Keepin’ ya warm in the saltmarsh.

For generations, wildfowling was a way of life along the Eastern Seaboard and market gunning had become a necessary and respected profession. With the enactment of the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, the variant interests of the market gunner and the Federal Game Warden unfolded as a real-life cat-and-mouse game. The struggle became legendary and nowhere was it more vividly played out than along the tidewaters and estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Part-time friends and part-time foes, one thing the gunner and the warden shared equally was the bitter gnaw of winter’s salty northwest blows.

When it comes to staying warm, modern-day outfitters have nothing on these men. Dressing in layers was just common sense and the quilted shell was a key component of every bayman’s garb. Worn as an intermediate layer under oiled cotton smocks and bib pants, early versions were often fashioned from discarded quilts or horse blankets.

Details. Our Outlaw Gunner Hat borrows its being from this time-honored, essential component of warmth on the bay. A tight 2x2 quilt pattern over the nylon outer shell helps build air pockets in the very light poly-fill insulation. The inside is lined with a satin fabric that traps the warm air. The fold-down earmuffs are lined with micro corduroy and tie down with nylon boot lace cord. Adjustable with a genuine leather backstrap and brass hardware.

One size fits most.

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Lester Isa (Seattle, US)
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Gunner Hat

This hat great. It keeps my head & ears warm and dry and I especially like the chin strap to keep the wind from blowing the hat off.
It looks & feels like the belts & t-shirt I have from AR, very comfortable and built to last a long time. My question is does AR plan on selling long sleeve t-shirts?

M. Dole (Wausau, US)
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Comments: Good products, good service.
Outlaw Gunner Jacket

Burnt Orange for hunting trips and leisure. We’ll made, true sizing. Fun.

Jeffrey Weathers (Ashburn, US)
Unique Design Suburb Quality

$60 for a hat seemed a bit much, but the obvious quality shows for it. Never seen a ball cap with ear flaps before. Should be a fine hunting hat here on the Chesapeake.

naaman dolphus (Buffalo, US)
Great hat for Buffalo, NY winters

Love the hat. Perfect for the winter here in Buffalo. May order a second one in the Burnt Orange.

Michael Kelley (Yonkers, US)

I’ve purchased quite a few products with this company. The quality of their products are prestige, everything from the fabric to the stitching. If you’re into quality then you’ll love this company and when it comes to shipping time, I’m not sure if it’s attributable to the delivery service in the area I live or if Atlantic Rancher is behind it but I always seem to get my products delivered to me days sooner than what the expected delivery date is supposed to be so either way, big thumbs up to Atlantic Rancher.