Atlantic Rancher Handmade Brown Leather Sailmaker's Belt

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12 Meter Heritage

What makes a great leather belt great? Start with genuine Italian bullhide, double H weight, leather and put it in the hands of skilled leather tanner who will tan the hide using vegetable tannins such as oak and spruce bark. Then give it to leather craftsmen with years of experience and dedication to their trade. Ones that aren't distracted by manufacturing quotas or the stress of a production line. Rather, to them, each belt is a unique, individual work, an assignment they relish, and one they are not in a hurry to complete.

Inspired by the hand-stitching work found on custom fitted leather coverings on a 12 meter block-and-tackle to protect decks and deckmates, our Sailmaker’s Belt is constructed of two pieces of vegetable tanned, Italian bullhide, permanently bonded and stitched together with heavy-gauge waxed nylon thread. The topsides lock-stitching is done by hand using a waxed nylon cord. 



  • 100% vegetable tanned, Italian bullhide
  • 1-1/4 wide
  • Nickel satin finished buckle

Now available in Women's sizes!

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