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Uncle Jack's Oyster Shucking Kit

$48.00 USD

He didn’t need a shucking knife…’could open ‘em with his fingernails.

Alright, that falls under the half-truths-and-lies category. But durnit, you’ve seen his hands, right?...the size of catcher’s mitts and if he ever snagged you by the short-hairs, you paid real close attention!

Uncle Jack's oyster shuckin’ utensils never looked this good, even when they were new. His were all taped up at the handle and the blades whittled down so much they looked more like icepicks than shucking knives. But, that was him...and you and I aren’t.

In memory of Uncle Jack and all that he’s taught us, we’ve hunted down the best damn oyster knives made in America. They're quite a simple tools, really, but made extraordinary by premium grade materials in the hands of true American craftsmen at R. Murphy Knife Company that have been making these tools since 1850.

Now if extraordinary is not what you’re after, don’t spend your money on these knives. You can get ordinary all day long at half the price of these.

Either way...ya best get shuckin.”


  • Kit includes one oyster knife in hinged tin box
  • 430HC high carbon stainless steel
  • Solid Bubinga (African Rosewood) handle
  • Full length tang
  • Solid brass rivets
  • Fresh clams and oysters available at Parson's Seafood, Tuckerton, NJ 609.296.2061

Customer Reviews

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Monya (Arcadia, US)
Gender: Female
How did you hear about us?: Online search
Best shucker i’ve ever owned…

…Though I wouldn’t call it a “kit” - it’s just the shucker (the tin it comes in is pretty cool). The handle has a great hand-feel, and the blade pierces the shell like buttah. I let my boyfriend borrow it, and he was so impressed that i bought a 2nd one for him.

Todd Verhoeven (Boston, US)
Oyster shucking kit

Great knife. Fits perfectly in your hand. Good weight, very well made. Worth the $$$.