Boatyard Jacket

Hail to the Boatyard Boys!

Coming up with new ideas for our company is sometimes as easy as looking out our window at 89 Front Street. Right there below, on any given day, parade enough ideas to fill a dozen lifetimes at sea…we call ‘em the Boat Yard Boys. They're not the most gregarious bunch…to most, they wouldn’t say bull if they had a mouth full of it. But if you listen hard, sooner or later you learn something. And often, it’s the most obvious ideas that are the hardest pick up on, ideas that are valued because they work. Ideas from a lifetime at sea.

Hail to the BoatYard Boys, this is their idea. Nothing fancy…a functional, practical jacket they can work in is all they’re after. The Atlantic Rancher Boat Yard Jacket is made with our exclusive and proprietary 8 oz. DryHandle, 100% cotton, water-resistant fabric. Throughout, the cut is broad, especially in the shoulders and sleeves where freedom of movement is essential. Plain back with center seam…waist-length with adjustable VelcroÒ tabs at the hip. Quilted, plaid cotton flannel lining over polyester insulation. Sleeves are also insulated and lined with nylon acetate. Roomy forearms with storm gussets and adjustable, button closure cuffs. All of the pockets are volume constructed and the two front pockets have side-entry hand-warmers behind. Full-length button-over storm flap. Broad, standup collar. Dry clean. However, DryHandle fabric is stubbornly stain-resistant, so a once over with a damp sponge is usually all you will need.

Dangit!...this idea is not available now. We'll let you know when it's available again: