Expedition Scissors from William Whiteley

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The quintessence of design purity

To refer to this cutting instrument as “scissors” is the misfortunate equivalent of calling a Rybovich a boat. They are, indeed, mutually exclusive. Sure as stepping onto a Rybovich for the first time or walking through a Frank Lloyd Wright building will leave an indelible mark on all of your senses, placing the Whiteley Expedition Cutting Instrument (scissors) in your hands for the first time will have a very similar effect. They are, beyond debate, the quintessence of design purity.

Crafted by William Whitely & Sons, in Sheffield, England, this is an excellent multipurpose cutting instrument for outdoor adventures, featuring lightweight offset handles designed with additional features including an integral bottle and tin opener, and a built-in nutcracker and/or garlic crusher function.

The curved blades provide extra accuracy and strength, with one micro-serrated for extra grip and another with a notch for cutting through bones.

Hot forged and hand made by craftsmen with traditional techniques, with an extra durable ceramic Tetrabond coating often used in aerospace and other high-tech industries, where very high durability and extended life are essential.

Suitable for fishing, camping, grilling, hunting, backpacking and more. Ideal for cutting a variety of tough substances such as wire, rope, plastic packaging, fishing line, meat, bones and herbs. It is sure to delight your outdoorsmen...the wanderers, the explorers, the hunters and gatherers, the fishermen, and all those that aspire to be such!


  • Lightweight offset handles
  • Durable, ceramic Tetrabond coating throughout
  • Curved blades provide extra accuracy and strength
  • One blade is one micro-serrated for extra grip
  • The other blade has a notch for cutting through bones
  • Integral bottle and tin opener
  • Built-in nutcracker and/or garlic crusher function.
  • Length overall: 8”
  • Blade length of cut: 3”
  • Signature Whiteley black presentation box with contoured foam insert