Atlantic Rancher Anchor Tote Bag

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Ah Haulin’ We Go!

We built this monster of a “tote” bag with anchors in mind. Anchors are heavy, they are clumsy to handle, and they are as hazardous to toes as they are to top-sides of boats. And some will actually use it in this way and appreciate the heavy, 36oz cotton duck canvas that makes this a reliable and durable piece of gear. You’ll note the bottom is dipped in rubber making it waterproof, resistant to slippage on a wet deck and won’t scratch the bright work. But most I know will never be used for this intended purpose…they’ll never haul heavy gear, much less an anchor, and we won’t be offended. They’ll serve proudly as a “tote” …a moniker that took quite a bit of arm-twisting to make its way into this monologue. This crafty bit of carrying ingenuity is steeped in maritime history, when coal used to power steam engines on merchant ships was transferred from dock to deck in humongous coal bags made from this same material. Smaller bags, like our Anchor Bag, were later developed for home use, to haul coal from the basement to the furnace.

You can depend on our Anchor Bag hold up to all the abuse you can throw at it…swing it confidently full of gear from the truck to the dock and onto the boat. And just in case you're traveling is less demanding environments, we covered the handles in suede to spruce it up a bit. And spiffy you'll be with it hanging from your shoulder as you skip-a-dee-doo-dah your way ‘round town.


  • 36oz cotton duck fabric
  • 16" x 7" x 14" tall
  • Rubber coated bottom and lower sides makes it waterproof and slip resistant
  • Suede covered handles
  • Solid brass rivets at stress points
  • Internal brass-zippered accessoires pouch
  • Hauls anchors & chains as gracefully as it does puppies, groceries and day-away necessities such as laptops and booze...none of which are included

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LMO (Bellevue, US)
The Search for Your Perfect Tote Has Ended

This bag is everything. Comfortable handles, roomy, and sturdy as they come. Perfect for groceries, hauling books or supplies, and would make a fantastic housewarming gift (filled with flowers or table linens?) - I love this bag!