Atlantic Rancher Handmade Brown Leather Dockmaster's Belt

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Nothing fussy about it.

A dockmaster’s job is tough enough on most days. Keeping the hull sides of a 87’ Merritt safe from an accidental scrape from an ambitious first-timer docking a 37’ center console is one example. Just ask Mike Wise, dock master at Hawk’s Cay Marina in The Keys. He sees more amusement park shenanigans during one shift than most of us see in a lifetime. On any given day, he can go from being an air traffic controller to a docking coach to a marriage counselor...all in single interactions! Keeping his wits aligned is a critical aspect of his job...and so is keeping his pants on, righty-tighty where they belong. But this belt serves another important purpose: it's where he hangs the keys to the fuel pumps, the backup generator and the head, all which he keeps handy and organized on his Atlantic Rancher Dockmaster's Key Chain. We built the Atlantic Rancher Dockmaster's Belt with guys like Mike in mind. Cut from HH weight, vegetable tanned Italian bullhide, brass finish buckle and roller. It's 1-1/2" wide, which is perfect for the waistband on a pair of true working pants, like our Atlantic Rancher Boatyard Pant. This belt is guaranteed to keep your pants up until it’s time for them to come down. And that's a responsibility we don't take lightly! We don't care if you use our belt to tow your boat or saddle a break it, we'll replace it.


  • 100% vegetable tanned, double H weight, full grain Italian bullhide
  • 1-1/2" wide
  • Brass finished buckle with roller

Now available in Women's sizes!

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